Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Evolution of a painting

Back in the early 80's I went back to my hometown of LA and spent a few days walking around downtown shooting slides (how I miss Kodachrome). In those days, many of the wonderful old theaters were still in fairly good condition. Among others, I shot this image of the Globe.

For years it sat in a stack of slides always beckoning to be painted. I finally listened and a few years ago did this little study.

Finally, a couple years later, I began a full size painting. Here are some sequential pictures of the process. 

Things were going along fine until I decided the marquee needed to be larger.

Later, I felt the letters spelling GLOBE  were too tall.

Making changes like these can sometimes cause real problems, on the other hand, they often add a richness to a painting that doesn't happen when every stroke seems to be just right. I felt this one turned out pretty well.

Here is a link to see how the Globe has faired in recent years.

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